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goutte de la lune - Rick Owens S/S 2007

compare + contrast for the style con: series 9“spice girl” photographed by nick knight (1997) x “raising her skirt” by malcolm t. liepke

Verena Michels and Zyanya Keizer S/S 2015

eduardo berliner
I, too, remember the feeling. You are caught between all that was and all that must be. You feel lost.
Haruki Murakami, Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of The World  

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Raf Simons 15 Year Anniversary 
by Pierre Debusschere 

Yohji Yamamoto, Spring 2004
Clara Adolphs

Naomi Campbell - Have You Seen Me (1999), David LaChapelle
We’re left with so little to go on. Only the present is full enough to seem complete, and even that is an optical illusion. The moment is bleeding off the page. We live on the precipice of our perceptions. At the edge of every living instant, the world shears away like a cliff of ice into the sea of what is forgotten.
Ivan Vladislavic, Double Negative  (via stxxz)

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my clothes came in :~) 

Astrid Anderson A/W13 illustrated by Helen Bullock